Speaky enables real-time spoken communication with your customers on a massive scale
Collect valuable customer feedback through a new voice channel
Grow employee retention by learning why team members are leaving
Make it easy to connect with new customers and leads

Simple, Straightforward and Powerful

step 1
User clicks a link or scans a QR code
step 2
Once a Speaky landing page opens, user clicks the "Speak now" button
step 3
User leaves a Speaky
Step 4
Voice AI analyzes responses, and you receive a detailed dashboard with actionable insights

WHY speakY

When people speak they tend to open up and reveal what’s been hidden. You can learn a lot about customer experience and save up to 70% on your customer support and call center costs

With Speaky, your clients can send you audio messages directly from your website. Nothing is easier.
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There’s a simple truth: when people speak freely, they tend to reveal more about their experience. Voice is a powerful tool for expressing emotions. Get emotional context. Learn a lot more
ENGAGE with community
Consider customers who truly love your brand and want to see it succeed. Speaky provides your loyal clients with an evergreen channel to share feedback and gives them a direct line of communication to your brand
At the end of the day, some customers will be unhappy. And when a customer feels unhappy or even angry, they may choose to make it public. Speaky offers an alternate channel for unhappy customers to voice their issues
Save up to 70% on call center costs. The majority of inbound calls don’t require immediate human attention. Activate Speaky to reduce the need for a call center in non-urgent cases and free up your service agents to deal with pressing issues
Send feedback directly to operations
With Speaky, there’s no need for a middleman with the call center. Instead, the people who have direct control over the situation can receive that feedback in real-time, and improve operations
When we speak, there’s a level of commitment that is not possible through typing or clicking. It works the same way with business — when clients speak out loud, they demonstrate commitment to your brand
Under the hood
Instreamatic's Voice AI analyzes and understands responses to convey the full potential of human communication delivering actionable insights including age, gender, sentiment, urgency, mood and other key findings
How can speaky work for you

Calls, e-mails, Speaky are the 3 major ways to get in touch

Ad campaigns
Use Speaky to engage your audience in ad campaigns
Feedback on a subject
Collect valuable feedback on a particular subject 
Speaky landing pages for brands and e-commerce
One-on-one dialogue
Collect ideas and advice directly from your fans
Promo actions
Increase engagement rates in various marketing activities
Employee feedback
Collect anonymous feedback from employees
And many more
Speaky is powered by Instreamatic
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