EY Innovation Realized is an international conference that hosts C-suite leaders in strategy, technology and transformation. Hosted in Chicago on April 26-27, 2022, hundreds of attendees gathered to connect and share ideas.

Conference leaders hoped to better engage their audience during the live event by providing a meaningful interactive experience with technology at its core.
Strategic Goals
Success factors
Strategic goals
  • Engage with event attendees
  • Share attendees' thoughts with a large audience
Email with a Speaky link sent to all attendees before the event
Success factors
  • Audience eager to participate in a new experience
  • Attendees interested to share their thoughts on an important topic

THE Challenge

Implementing cost-effective tool to collect customer feedback

49% of marketers say that audience engagement is one of the biggest contributing factors to a successful event. At this international conference, leaders hoped to inspire attendees to answer a question and supplement the event.

THE solution

The Innovation Realized conference implemented Speaky is a way to engage with the audience and share responses publicly.

Before the event, attendees were asked via email to leave a Speaky about their most pressing business challenge. To answer, the user clicked a “Speak Now” button and recorded an audio message. Voice AI then transcribed each message to display on-screen at the event.

A large screen displays the text, "What is your most pressing business challenge?" Responses are hidden to maintain privacy.

THE Results


Speaky provided the EY Innovation Realized conference with a public display of audience members' thoughts on a hot topic. After 10% of email recipients participated by leaving a Speaky about their most pressing business challenge, the conference showed each response live on screen. Each unique response shaped the very content of the conference — as attendees passed the screen, they could pause to read what their colleagues said and reflect on business challenges of their own.

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Speaky outperformed other communication channels in terms of both quality and quantity.”
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