IREO Uptown

IREO Uptown is a luxury residential complex surrounded by recreational hubs, green expanses, high-tech facilities and the IREO clubhouse.

IREO Uptown proposed to hike its annual club membership fee for residents to use the theater, kitchen and other clubhouse facilities. The complex implemented Speaky to learn how residents felt about the proposed price increase.
Strategic Goals
Success factors
Strategic goals
  • Learn what IREO residents think about the price increase
  • Better understand what matters to IREO residents
Link to the Speaky landing distributed across WhatsApp IREO residents chats
Success factors
  • Intuitive channel to share thoughts and feelings
  • Fast distribution via highly populated channel

THE Challenge

Overcoming survey fatigue to better understand audience's interests

IREO Uptown struggled to find a cost-effective anonymous and frictionless channel to collect residents’ opinions on ongoing matters. The existing methods either required too much time to set up and integrate and use or didn't yield the desired results, as residents have become reluctant to use traditional survey methods.

THE solution

real-time intuitive spoken feedback

The activation was conducted via a Speaky link on WhatsApp within a time frame of 24 hours. The link was distributed to approximately 570 families living in the IREO Uptown residential complex. When residents clicked the link, they saw one question: “Do you agree to the proposed hike in annual membership charges for the IREO Club? Justify your opinion with reasons.” Then, residents clicked the “Speak Now” button and left an audio message to voice their opinion.

THE Results

Significant data points and emotional context

As a result of Speaky implementation, IREO Uptown learned how residents felt about the increase in membership charges and, most importantly, why residents were for or against it. This Speaky campaign yielded about a 20% engagement rate and provided the management team with multiple ideas on how to improve their services, suggested directly from the residents.
We have found Speaky to be a very convenient and user-friendly tool to capture resident feedback on issues that are critical to them. We used the platform extensively to capture feedback for one specific use case related to club subscription charges. In the end, users found Speaky very easy to use and communicate their thoughts and feelings."
Atul Bansal , President RWA of IREO Uptown condominium
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