Shallot & Co. is a catering company located in multiple office centers and serves over 5,000 lunch meals per day. Their audience is regular with the average customer eating at their venue 4 out of 5 times per week.

Shallot & Co. was struggling to engage with their customers and discover what their tastes and preferences were. The company prides itself on offering high quality meals at an affordable price but after Covid restrictions were lifted and workers started to return to offices, Shallot & Co. grew disconnected from its customers.
Strategic Goals
Success factors
Strategic goals
  • Engage with their customers
  • Receive real time feedback on food and menu choices
QR codes provided across multiple locations in a canteen (trays, dining tables, walls, etc.)
Success factors
  • Captive audience highly motivated to improve their dining experience
  • Cost-effective implementation for a service with tight margins
  • Real-time feedback for the management and kitchen staff

THE Challenge

Implementing cost-effective tool to collect customer feedback

Seven out of 10 consumers in the U.S. will spend more money with a business that delivers excellent customer service. In a canteen, excellent customer service could mean little to no wait time, a great atmosphere or a comfortable seating arrangement. But businesses need to learn what matters most directly from their customers.

THE solution

Shallot & Co. implemented Speaky as a way to engage with their customers and incorporate feedback into the daily decisions they make concerning food choices and operations.

The company implemented on-premise Speaky QR codes across multiple touchpoints in the canteen (wall signs, table tents, trays, etc.). Customers scanned a QR code to open the Speaky landing page with the following question: “How do you like it here? Tell us how we can become better for you.” To answer, the customer clicked a “Speak Now” button and recorded an audio message.

THE Results

INCREASED CSAT and decreased churn rates

Speaky allowed Shallot & Co. to receive actionable feedback and learn how to improve directly from its customers. Having acted on the qualitative feedback and taken action, Shallot & Co. management saw a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and a drop in churn rates as well as negative reviews posted online.

For the first time we have real insight into the tastes and preferences of our customers. Our kitchen staff have been able to adjust to feedback on the fly and implement changes to food planning. We were surprised by the detailed feedback we received that challenged some of our assumptions and attribute this to customer being able to speak rather than having to write or text.”
Andrew ryvkine, CEO
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