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The City Magazine is El Paso's monthly lifestyle magazine that showcases the melting pot of people, places, and lifestyles that make El Paso so unique. With stories about current events, fashion, culture, home, dining, entertainment, business, and more, The City Magazine truly has it all.

The success of The City Magazine can be attributed not only to its diverse content but also to its ability to speak its audience’s language and publish materials that really resonate with readers.

What better way to understand what the readers want to see on the pages of the magazine than to ask them directly by speaking with them?

Strategic Goals
Success factors
Strategic goals
  • Understand what The City Magazine audience wants to read about
  • Tune editorial to the requests of its loyal readership base
QR code printed in the pages of the magazine leading to a Speaky voice landing page
Success factors
  • Fast, easy, high-quality customer feedback
  • Seamless integration with the printed edition

THE Challenge

Overcoming survey fatigue to better understand audience's interests

Accelerated pace of readers migrating to digital platforms impacts the amount of magazines’ readership. Building a strong bond with its reader community is core to the success of the magazine. Enabling an easy feedback channel is a natural way to build a two way relationship with readers, but traditional feedback methods have fallen short.

With growing survey fatigue and lack of motivation to answer less relevant questions, collecting consumer feedback has become less and less rewarding. In addition, The City Magazine needed access to real-time insights to understand and track the interests and demands of its readers.

THE solution

The City Magazine Texas implemented Speaky to ask its readers one simple question and give them an ability to speak their minds in a fast and intuitive way.

By scanning a QR code printed in the magazine, a reader opened a landing page where they were presented with one question “What topic do you want to read in The City Magazine? Talk to us” and a record button. Then a reader clicked the button and could leave an audio message and tell the editors everything that was important to them. In a matter of seconds, readers could express their opinion and be sure that it would be heard by the editorial.

THE Results

Relevant Data points and increased Feedback
Since The City Magazine implemented Speaky the editorial team was able to uncover what magazine’s readers are most interested in, and what they wished to read more about in future issues.
Speaky opened a window into our readers,” said Shelley Mozelle, Editor-In-Chief. “By understanding them better, what they are interested in, we can really get to the insights that we need to run our magazine.
Shelley Mozelle, Editor-In-Chief
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